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Please note: Our-in school programs (museum educator visits to your school) are not designed to introduce the topics below. They are primary source-based supplements to the standards. Should you want an introductory program, please reserve one of our free, virtual programs. Don't hestitate reserve both! 

Additional topics are also available as virtual in-school programs such as: The Arab-Israeli Conflict, the Cold War, Georgia in WW2, the Tuskegee Airmen, and Women in WW2.

*Availabilty is contigent on your school's distance from the museum. If you are over 50 miles away, please contact Education Coordinator Maddie Davis ( to coordinate visits to your region.

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**At this time, we are fully booked in September 2023. Please reserve a pre-recorded lesson if you need something in the month of September.**

World War I: Commemorating U.S. Contributions

Part gallery walk, part scavenger hunt, in this program, students will use primary sources to explore various ways Americans contributed to the war effort. Students will then select one of the individuals or groups they learned about to commemorate through an art activity. Our educators will show and tell students about World War I artifacts from the museum’s collections.

Standards: SS5H2a, SS8H8a

Propaganda, Voting & the Rise of Nazism

In this primary-source-based program, students will rotate between stations to examine propaganda in interwar Germany. Students will learn why many Germans chose to overlook Nazi antisemitism and how the Nazi Party gained support by proposing simple solutions to complex issues concerning German society.

Standards: SS6H3a, SS6H3b, SSWH19b

The Holocaust: A Primary Source Timeline

In groups, students will analyze primary sources, including oral histories, to learn about and visually see how the Holocaust unfolded gradually over time. These sources also underscore the humanity of those affected by the Holocaust. *Note: This program does not incorporate graphic imagery.

Standards: SS5H4b, SS6H3a, SS6H3b, SSWH19b

Journeys of the Second World War

In this program, students will be divided into stations to learn about different individuals’ contributions to the war effort and how World War II impacted people’s lives in a variety of ways. This activity features locations and individuals from Georgia. After discussing the diverse experiences and contributions of Americans during World War II, the educator will show and tell students about different artifacts from the museum’s collections.

Standards: SS5H4b, SS5H4e, SS8H9b, SSUSH19