Transformations: Art Commission Competition

The Museum of History and Holocaust Education (MHHE) is seeking an artist or group of artists from the Kennesaw State University community to transform a small room in the museum into a space for reflection and contemplation.

Background Context:

The MHHE presents public programs and exhibitions focused on World War II and the Holocaust in order to promote education and dialogue about these events and their significance today. In the fall of 2019, we will open a new, permanent exhibition intended to introduce and unite the themes that run throughout our other permanent and temporary exhibitions. This new project uses colored threads as a visual metaphor to convey a number of ideas:

Between 1933 and 1945 people, nations, and ideas entangled like never before, and emerged transformed.

Such transformations were seen in:

  • Geography
  • Politics
  • Society
  • Economics
  • Culture
  • Technology

The new exhibition also emphasizes an essential truth about history and material culture:

The same objects and images can tell very different stories depending on the perspective of the interpreter and of the viewer.

As visitors to the museum exit the museum’s signature exhibition (entitled Parallel Journeys) they will have an opportunity to pass through a space with art that relates to or comments on the themes of transformation introduced in the exhibition. This is the space for which we are seeking to commission artwork.

Project Guidelines:

Image of the installation space viewed from its outside entrance.

  • This contest is open to Kennesaw State University students and those who graduated from Kennesaw State University within the past five years (2014 – 2019).

  • The space includes a curved wall with a metal overlay covered with evenly-spaced holes on-which artwork could be mounted.

  • It also includes a horizontal curved space above the metal overlay for mounting artwork, and open space below the ceiling beams from which aerial artwork could be hung. 
    • The image to the right shows the installation space viewed from its outside entrance/exit. Please note that the photo mural above the metal overlay will be removed prior to the installation of any artwork.
  • The MHHE will provide a budget of $1600 for the entire space. We are seeking proposals from individuals or groups of artists for installations that encompass the entirety of the space. These might include a singular installation of 3-dimensional work or a curated group of prints, paintings, fiber art, wall-mounted sculpture, mobiles, illustrations, or mixed-media pieces.

    (Please note that we cannot accept film, video, audio, or digital media installations in the space, or floor-mounted sculpture.)

  • The total usable dimensions of the space include 22 feet by 7 feet of space on the metal overlay on the wall, and 6 feet of head space from the ceiling beam down to the top of the metal overlay.
  • Interested artists are welcome to explore the space during regular museum hours or schedule a meeting with the curator to learn more.
  • The MHHE will hold an open-house for interested artists in the Threads of Memory: An Introduction to World War II and the Holocaust exhibit on Monday, December 9, from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. Artists are invited to tour the exhibition spaces, enjoy cookies, and ask the curator questions. Call 470-578-2083 if you need additional information.

Application and Selection Process

Interested artists should submit proposals by January 15, 2020. Proposals should be in digital form and emailed to Proposals should include:

  • A written plan for the installation within the space and statement reflecting on the theme of “transformation.” This can hew closely to the specific historical themes described in the background section, or it can take a more abstract approach to the idea of transformation.

  • A mock-up or illustration of the exhibition/artwork in the designated space.

A group of finalists will be notified by February 1, 2020 and should then submit by February 15, 2020:

  • Images of 5-10 completed artworks by the artist(s) included in the proposal.
  • Three professional references.
  • A written budget demonstrating that the project can be completed with the award of $1600.

The MHHE will review proposals and select the winning project by February 28, 2020.

  • The selected project team will submit a calendar with a working plan and monthly goals. MHHE reserves the right to cancel the commission if the plan and goals are not being completed.
  • The MHHE and the selected project team will co-sign an agreement outlining specific responsibilities and copyright licensing.
  • The project team will be paid in installments based on the agreed-upon benchmarks, with $400 remitted on April 1, $400 remitted on May 1, $400 remitted on June 1, and the final $400 remitted upon delivery of completed artwork by July 1, 2020.

Opening Reception

Commissioned artworks will be installed over the summer and celebrated at an opening reception in the fall of 2020. Commissioned artists will be promoted on MHHE Social Media. Artwork will be exhibited through spring of 2021.