Words, Music, Memory: (Re)presenting Voices of the Holocaust

Illustrations of writers who witnessed the Holocaust
Illustrations by Julia Guevara and Martha Hemingway

Commemoration is a process that involves witness, preservation, interpretation, and performance. This process calls upon human creativity, commitment, emotional connection, and contemporary context. Literature, music, and performance work together to open a window across space and time for generations to connect with one another. 

This ten-panel traveling exhibit and accompanying digital gallery guide highlights the links along the chain of commemoration that connect the past and the present and generation to generation. While the panels focus on the words of writers who witnessed the Holocaust, the gallery guide includes biographies of the writers, sketches by the panel illustrators, information about musical and dramatic pieces adapted from the writers' works, and interviews with composers, lyricists, performers, and producers. It also provides visitors with opportunities to access performance videos and share their perspectives.

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Produced in partnership with the KSU Bailey School of Music and soprano Sheena Ramirez of the James Madison University (JMU) School of Music, the exhibit opened on September 19, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. in conjunction with a lecture/performance featuring the Holocaust compositions of Dr. Laurence Sherr and Lori Laitman. Click here for a concert flyer and here for the program. 

Five people in front of exhibit panels.
Words, Music, Memory Exhibit and Performance Collaborators

Words, Music, Memory remained on display at the KSU Center through November 9, 2021, when it accompanied a closing concert in memory of Kristallnacht at Morgan Hall at 7:30 p.m. Click here for more details. Click here for a press release and here to view the concert program. 

Words, Music, Memory is headed to James Madison University on December 5, 2021!

Click here or listen below to the "Conversations at the Cohen Center" podcast featuring an interview with project creators Adina Langer and Sheena Ramirez. 

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