Women's Voices for Civil Rights

Portraits of Mae Jemison, Fannie Lou Hamer, Rosa Parks, and Grace Thorpe, women advocates for civil rights

Generously funded by a 2021 grant from the Breman Foundation of Atlanta, this eight-panel traveling exhibit celebrates women and girls who advocated for civil rights in the United States. Featuring colorful illustrations by young female artists Scarlett Green and Julia Guevara, this exhibit is geared toward students as young as third grade. The exhibit includes profiles of civil rights advocates from the past, as well as more recent examples of activism, and it defines key vocabulary for students and teachers. We hope that visitors' face-to-face encounters with this history will inspire them to learn more about the past and its significance today. 

Two exhibit panels stand side-by-side in a school.

Exhibit Supplements: 

Click here to access an audio guide for the exhibit. 

Click here to view a Georgia Journeys digital exhibit for American Indian environmental activist Grace Thorpe. 

Starting on May 26, 2022, a copy of the exhibit will be on display at the Athenaeum gallery at the Sturgis Library, paired with books and documents from the collection of the Bentley Rare Book Museum, and sketches by the exhibit's illustrators. 

Exhibit panels on displayExhibit panels and display case

Illustrations of Mae Jemison and Grace Thorpe by Scarlett Green; illustrations of Fannie Lou Hamer and Rosa Parks by Julia Guevara.