Past Projects

This page showcases digital exhibits created by the MHHE that are no longer live on the Web. These projects have been archived and are accessible through the KSU Archives' Scholarly Online Access Repository (SOAR). 

Identities: Understanding Islam in a Cross-Cultural Context

This online exhibition and digital repository was created in 2012 by the Museum of History and Holocaust Education (MHHE) at Kennesaw State University and the Ben M'Sik Community Museum (BMCM) at Hassan II University, Faculty of Letters and Humanities, Ben M'sik, Morocco, to increase knowledge about each other’s cultural traditions and promote conversations within their communities. Click on this link to access a static capture of the Website along with supplementary materials. 

Hollywood Goes to War

This digital exhibit was created by public history students under the supervision of MHHE curator and public history instructor Dr. Julia Brock in 2014. Click on this link to access a static capture of the Website along with supplementary materials including a teacher's guide.