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The Local Heroes cases at the Museum of History and Holocaust Education feature rotating displays of artifacts, images, and documents focused on World War II as it was experienced first-hand by veterans. 

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Starting in August 2020, the Local Heroes cases tell stories of World War II in the Philippines through the eyes of U.S. Army veterans William Wallace, Sr., and Ira Weiss. Wallace and his unit fought bravely to defend Manila from Japanese soldiers during the Battle of Bataan. Captured by the Japanese, Wallace survived the notorious Bataan Death March and a P.O.W. camp in Niigata, Japan. Ira Weiss served in the Army Corps of Engineers from 1942 - 1946, beginning in California and concluding as head of a supply depot in the Philippines.

To learn more about William Wallace, Sr. explore his Georgia Journey and listen to clips from his son, William Wallace, Jr.'s Legacy Series oral history. 

To learn more about Ira Weiss, listen to his daughter, Priscilla Omega's Legacy Series oral history here. Click here to read transcriptions of Ira Weiss's wartime letters to his family.

April 2019 - July 2020

Gerald McDonnell Local Heroes Case

2019 featured Local Heroes cases celebrating the legacy of Gerald A. McDonnell a D-Day veteran. To learn more about Gerald McDonnell, explore his Georgia Journeys exhibit