Virtual Lessons for Students

Since the Museum of History and Holocaust Education and schools across the state and country are temporarily closed, our education team has been hard at work to create digital options to help you and your students for the end of the 2019-2020 school-year!

Click here to request access for these free digital lessons!

 Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much does access to these resources cost?
    • Nothing - these online resources are absolutely free!
  • If these resources are free and online, why do educators/parents need to register?
    • So we can share participation with the folks who help us keep these programs free & accessible!
  • What are the Digital Lessons?
    • Currently, we are offering two different online lessons: Introduction to World War II & Introduction to the Holocaust. These programs were designed for students to complete independently, at their own pace! The digital lessons have primary sources including audio from survivors, homefront workers, and veterans along with interactive prompts for students to engage in.
  • What do I need to participate?
    • A device (computer, tablet, smartphone) and Internet access
  • Who can participate?
    • All digital lessons are designed for students ages 9+. We are happy to share these resources with teachers and students from near and far!