Virtual Homeschool Days

The Museum of History and Holocaust Education invites you to access our free, virtual home school material in 2021-2022! For more information, please scroll down for frequently asked questions, or email Education Coordinator, Brittany Sealey.

Upcoming Programs:

Celebrating Jewish Culture and Contributions (available December 2022)

Women of the Holocaust (available January 2023)

Frequently Asked Questions:

If this is taking place online, why do I need to register?

We use this infomration to share participation with the folks who help us keep these programs free & accessible!

What are Virtual Homeschool Programs?

After registering for Virtual Homeschool material, registrants will receive a link and password with lessons on each topic. Students will be able to engage with the content at their own pace until the end of the school-year.

What do I need to participate?

 A device (computer, tablet, phone) and Internet access.

Who can participate?

All activities are designed for home-school students ages 9+. We are happy to provide materials to home-school families from near and far!