MHHE CollectionsEducational Collection

The Museum of History and Holocaust Education collects items in the form of donations, purchases, or bequests for exhibition or educational purposes. The teaching collection may be loaned to other museums and educational institutions for temporary exhibitions or research projects. Items in the MHHE Collection shall relate directly to the mission, vision, and purposes of the museum and shall be used solely for exhibitions, research, public programing, publications, and exhibition loans. For more information, please view the collections policy. If you are interested in donating an item to the MHHE collection, please fill out this form

MHHE Resource Center

MHHE Resource CenterIn addition to maintaining an educational collection, the museum also hosts a resource center that includes published works in the form of books, films, and music recordings related to World War II and the Holocaust. The museum collects items in the form of donations, purchases, or bequests for inclusion in the resource center. Patrons may check-out items from the resource center or view them within the MHHE offices during regular business hours. Please see the Resource Center catalog to learn about available items. If you have questions, please email

Oral History ProgramLegacy Series oral history interview of M. Alexis Scott by Adina Langer

The Museum of History and Holocaust Education (MHHE) Oral History Program preserves first and second-hand accounts of past events on film. For details about our oral history program, please click here

To hear from the creators of the oral history program, James Newberry and Adina Langer, check out the December 2020 Thought Provoking Podcast from the Norman J. Radow College of the Humanities and Social Sciences.