Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about traveling exhibitions at the Museum of History and Holocaust Education

Who should I contact about borrowing a traveling exhibition?

Contact Tony Howell, our exhibit specialist, at or 470-578-2084

How much do the traveling exhibitions cost to borrow?

All of our traveling exhibitions are free to borrow within one hundred miles of the Museum of History and Holocaust Education. Beyond that distance, shipping costs will be the responsibility of the host institution.

What distance will you travel to deliver a traveling exhibition?

Up to one hundred miles. Beyond this distance we will we ship the exhibitions to you. To discuss your delivery and shipping options, contact Tony Howell at or 470-578-2084

How large are the exhibitions?

Each of our exhibitions consists of free-standing panels that can be arranged in a variety of configurations. To discuss if your space is suitable for hosting an exhibition, contact Tony Howell at or 470-578-2084

What is the setup process for the exhibitions?

One of our staff will bring the exhibition to your site, set it up, and then collect it at the end of the borrowing period. Set up and take down normally take between twenty and thirty minutes per exhibition.

How long can I keep the exhibition?

This depends on what type of site you are. We recommend schools keep exhibitions for one to two weeks, while some larger libraries and museums borrow the exhibitions from one to three months.

Do we need security to monitor the exhibition?

We do not require security to monitor the exhibitions, however, we recommend that you ask visitors to the exhibitions not to eat, drink, or carry sharp objects in the vicinity.

Are the exhibitions accompanied by additional educational resources?

Many of our exhibitions have teacher's guides. Access all of our downloadable guides here.

Please email us to inquire about availability of our traveling exhibits for your organization.

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